Independent label from Stoke-on-Trent: Zipp Records managed at least three seven-inch releases in the 1970s, and kept going until at least early 1983.  It used two main numerical series, ZB-000 and ZBE-000.  Two of the records, an EP by Breadline featuring 'Thank God It's Friday' and three other tracks (ZB-001; 1977) and a single by Grace, 'Old Stories' (ZB-003; 1978) had the legend ' A Bumble Production' on their labels, which suggests that Zipp was an outlet for that production company.  The Ray Stanton EP 'Ray Stanton Live' (ZBE-001), however, has no such inscription, and appears to be a custom pressing, so perhaps Bumble Productions were only part of the story.  The other Zipp records included a very collectable one by NWOBHM band Reincarnation.  The few Zipps I have managed to trace are listed below; the catalogue numbers suggest that may well be others out there - they're probably all in the Stoke-on-Trent area.  The first label design had a zip on it; this lasted until at least ZB-009.  It was followed by a plainer one, with variations.  The label colour varied, also: 009 was pink, while REIN-001 was mid-blue and had one of the plain labels.  The Flashback and Ray Stanton records were manufactured by French company MPO, which suggests a release date in the early '80s. Distributed By ZIPP Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Breadline Thank God It's Friday ZIPP ZB 001
77 Brian Gale & Peter L Don't Cry For Me Argentina ZIPP ZB 002
77 Grace Old Stories ZIPP ZB 003
78 Spook N' Duke  Mention My Name ZIPP ZB 004
78 Johnathan Gold Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ZIPP ZB 005
78 Not Traced ZIPP ZB 006
78 Chris Conrad Blade Of Grass  ZIPP ZB 007
78 Vic Martin Silicon Chip / We Believe In You  ZIPP ZB 008
78 Allan Gibson Need Your Lovin' Tonight ZIPP ZB 009
80 Ray Stanton Ray Stanton Live ZIPP ZBE 001
83 Reincarnate Take It Or Leave It ZIPP REIN 001
83 Reincarnate Take It Or Leave It ZIPP REIN 001

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