Independent Irish label: Zip Records Initially was a custom recording label - the Al Lee EP shown has a distinctly 'Self-financed Club / Cabaret artist' air to it - but research (!) has shown that it was actually a subsidiary of Billy McBurney's Northern Ireland company Outlet.  Outlet had mainland distribution in the 1970s, via Lugton and, at least during the early part of the decade, H.R Taylor ('Music Week', 7th Feb 1970); an advert in 'MW' for the 13th of December 1975 says that Zip was one of the Outlet labels available through Lugton at that time.  Comparison of the kind of material that can be found on them suggests that Zip may have been a vehicle for the company's Pop / MOR / Country products while Outlet housed its more obviously Irish issues.  Visual evidence hints that early '70s pressings were done by Orlake, as was the case for Outlet singles at the time.  Catalogue numbers were in a ZIP-00 series; the lowest one that I have found so far is ZIP-24, As can be seen, the 'discography' below has far more gaps than it has entries. 

73 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 21
73 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 22
73 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 23
73 Bill Dexter Soldier ZIP ZIP 24
74 Bang Some Kind Of Summer ZIP ZIP 25
75 Tony Richards  North To Alaska ZIP ZIP 26
75 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 27
75 Johnny Larkin Fraulien ZIP ZIP 28
75 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 29
75 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 30
75 Mell Tarner And Wildwood I'd Give The World ZIP ZIP 31
76 Sadie Myers Comin' On Strong ZIP ZIP 32
76 Wendy Kaye Help Me Make It Through The Night ZIP ZIP 33
77 Al Lee Mardi-Gras ZIP ZIP 34
77 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 35
77 The Playboys Come 'N' Let's Dance ZIP ZIP 36
77 The Ravens Philomena (The Queen Of Country Music) ZIP ZIP 37
77 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 38
77 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 39
78 Paul Wheater  Captain Cook We Won't Forget You ZIP ZIP 40
80 Not Traced ZIP ZIP 41
81 The Ravens Home In The County Down ZIP ZIP 42

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