Z.I.P Records was a DIY label and stands for 'Zoned In Plastic'. It was owned by Alternative Punk band the Twilight Zoners, and run in co-operation with David Henderson's 'Dining Out' records.  It appears to have issued just two records, both of them by the band themselves.  The first was an EP entitled, 'Zero Zero One', which is sometimes known as 'Hospital'; it came out in September 1979.  The catalogue number, logically enough, was ZEROZERO-1.  A single, 'Brighton Rock', followed in March 1980 and was numbered 'ZIP-002'.  Z.I.P is also credited on a Dining Out EP by Occult Chemistry (TUX-4; 1980). Distributed By Dining Out Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Twilight Zoners Hospital ZIP ZEROZERO 1
80 The Twilight Zoners Brighton Rock ZIP ZIP 002

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