Independent label: Zig Zag Records only hung around for long enough to release a couple of singles.  The first of them was 'Danger Love', by the Vice Creems (ZZ-ZZ-001; 4/79), whose vocalist, Kris Needs, was the chief editor of Zig Zag magazine.  The second was the Addix's, 'Too Blind To See' (ZZ-ZZ-002; 1979). Distributed By Zig Zag Records. The Vice Creems, originally the Aylesbury Bucks, formed in Aylesbury in around mid late 1977. They were basically the vehicle for Zig-Zag Magazine editor (& former teenage president of the Mott The Hoople fanclub) Kris Needs (vocals), his best mate Colin Keinch (guitar) & Nigel Birchall guitar, Chris Lugmayer bass, & Martin Godfrey drums). Following sparodic gigging throughout late 77 early 78, they made their vinyl debut with a fairly typical punky track "No Passion" on the "Aylesbury Goes Flaccid" local compilation LP.  The Addix was Rick Smith - vocals, George Lloyd - guitar, Alan Offer - bass, Ronnie Griffen - drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Vice Creems Danger Love ZIG ZAG ZZ 22 001
79 Addix Too Blind To See ZIG ZAG ZZ 22 002

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