The label of Zebedee Music Services, a small company based in Irchester, Northamptonshire.  Zebedee Music Services was run by Sheila Lorraine and David Lee Jay, who performed and recorded together under the name 'Zebedee'.  I've only been able to trace two records on the Zebedee Records label;  The first was the duo's own EP 'Carolina Moon' (ZEB-225; 1979), which contained renderings of 'Mama Say', 'If', the title track and 'Country Girl'.  The sleeve notes said that the tracks had been recorded in Zebedee's own studio; it also claimed that an LP would be 'released soon' but Googling doesn't show any sign of that record.  The other release on the label was also from 1979: it was by Mike Falber, and it offered versions of 'Oh What A Circus', 'Just The Way You Are' and 'My Life' (ZEB-229).  The gap between the catalogue numbers suggests that there ought to be at least a few more Zebedee label records out there, but as yet they've proved elusive.  Both records were made through SRT, as their matrix numbers, S/79CUS-383 and S/79/CUS-454, indicate.  At some point the Zebedee duo changed their name to Chatterbox and moved to Queensland, Australia.  As well as running Chatterbox Sound & Lighting they were still performing in 2008.  Thanks to Sam Mauger for bringing the label to my attention. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Zebedee Carolina Moon ZEBEDEE ZEB 225
79 Mike Falber Oh What A Circus ZEBEDEE ZEB 229

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