Independent label: Zara Records was owned owned by Roy Bedeau. Operated out of Brixton, London.  founder of African Rock group Osibisa.  It released four singles in 1975-77, three of which were by Spartacus himself, and then slowed down a little, adding at least one more in 1979 - with a different catalogue number - and another in 1983.   There were also four albums, all by Spartacus, during the period 1975-84.   Unsurprisingly, given its owners musical roots, the fare on offer on Zara seems to have had an African flavour.  For the first batch of records, ZMR-001 to 004, marketing was by President, and distribution was by Lugton and H. R. Taylor; ZMR-1 was handled by One Stop, while ZMR-005 came through Pinnacle.  There were at least two different label designs.  The first record pictured has no catalogue number on the label, but the matrix number on the run-off shows it to be ZMR-001. Spartacus Real Name: Roy Bedeau was a British-Grenadian bass guitarist, percussionist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and author. Born: 3 September 1948 in Aruba, Grenada, West Indies. And Died: 30 July 2010 (after a battle with cancer) at Kings College Hospital, London aged 61. After moving to London with his family at the age of 12 in 1960, he began his career as a founding member of Osibisa, playing bass guitar, percussion and singing, as well as co-writing, many of the tracks on the groups first three albums.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Spartacus My Love Is Gonna Getcha ZARA ZMR 001
76 Spartacus Love Me Today ZARA ZMR 002
77 Spartacus Watching You Grow ZARA ZMR 003
77 Lord Zero & Groovers Funky Carnival ZARA ZMR 004
83 King Kong Toot Toot Too Much ZARA ZMR 005

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