Independent label: Zama Records from 1977-78. It was was owned by Coventry Punk band The Flys.  It issued only two records, The Flys', 'Bunch Of Five' EP (ZA-10; 1977) and a second EP 'Roll It Up And Eat It', by idiosyncratic Folk group Black Parrot Seaside (ZA-11; 1978).  EMI soon snapped the Flys up, and thus rendered Zama surplus to requirements.  Putting pictures of the bands on the labels, within a recognizable 'company' layout, was a nice touch. Distributed By Zama Records. he Flys were a British punk rock band that originally formed in 1976 in Coventry. After the self-release of their initial EP, Bunch of Fives, they were signed by EMI Records. With EMI they released the albums Waikiki Beach Refugees and Own. In 1980 they changed labels to Parlophone but soon disbanded. The Flys evolved from a band from Coventry, named Midnight Circus, was composed of Dave Freeman (guitar, vocals), Joe Hughes (bass), Neil O'Connor (vocals, guitar, keyboard), and "a string of unnamed drummers". In 1976 their manager's brother, Pete King, joined in on drums and Flys were born. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Flys Bunch Of Five [ Ep ] ZAMA ZA 10 
78 Black Parrot Seaside Roll It Up And Eat It ZAMA ZA 11

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