Independent label: Z-Block Records was a Cardiff-based Punk label. It was owned by the band Reptile Ranch.  Z-Block issued its first single, Reptile Ranch's, 'Lifeguard', in 1979.  Another Reptile Ranch 7", 'Animal Noises'(Z-2) followed in 1980, as did an EP split between The Czechs, the Boy Wonders, the Decadent Few and the Ghoulies.  However, the label's main claim to fame is that it released the first tracks by Young Marble Giants, on a compilation LP, 'Is The War Over' (ZA-1). Distributed By Z-Block Records 1 Walker Rd, Cardiff CF24 2EG. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Reptile Ranch  Lifeguard Z BLOCK  Z   1
79 Various Artists Rough Cuts EP Z BLOCK  Z   2
80 Reptile Ranch  Animal Noises EP  Z BLOCK  Z   3

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