Independent label: Yorkshire Records ran into trouble with its very first release, 'Don't Cry' b/w 'R.I.P' by Vivian Nicholson & The Two Aspreys (YRC-1; 1973): it found itself on the wrong end of a legal action from York Records on the grounds that its logo and name were so close to those of that company as to be an infringement of their rights.  As a result Yorkshire Records had to undertake not to sell or offer copies of 'Don't Cry' with the offending logo on them.  It also had to agree to only use its registered name - Yorkshire Recording Company - in future. The recording engineer of the single, H. A. Mathias, had a studio in Huddersfield and his own record label, 'Mat' Records  The producer, Geoff Asprey, was the brother of the artist, pools winner Vivian Nicholson; Steve Linstead suggests that the company was a Nicolson family affair and was organized by Vivian's brothers. Steve reports that his father took over a shop that used to belong to Vivian Nicholson and found a box of the records in an upstairs store room.  Steve managed to rescue a few copies, but his father threw the rest of them out. Distributed By Yorkshire Records. Vivian Nicholson (Born 3 April 1936 and Died 11 April 2015). She was a British woman who became famous when she told the media she would "spend, spend, spend" after her husband Keith won 152,319 (equivalent to 3.06 million in 2016, adjusted for inflation) on the football pools in 1961. Nicholson became the subject of tabloid news stories for many years due to her and Keith's subsequent rapid spending of their fortune and her later chaotic life. Nicholson died at Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield, aged 79, on 11 April 2015, after having had a stroke and was suffering from dementia. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Vivian Nicholson & The Two Aspreys 'Don't Cry' b/w 'R.I.P' YORKSHIRE / YORKSHIRE RECORDING COMPANY YRC 1

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