Yorkie Records was a DIY label. You'd expect a label called Yorkie to come from Yorkshire. It actually came from J. B. Music of 5, Church Street Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. It managed at least two singles. By Rock 'n' Roll band Coast To Coast.  They were an EP featuring 'Rock This Joint' and three other tracks (JB-101; 1978), and 'The Hucklebuck' b/w 'Telephone Baby' (JB-102; 1979).  Neither had a date on it, and I wasn't altogether convinced that they were from the '70s, but I'm happy to say that Mick Cooper has kindly mailed and supplied the years of issue, which were passed on to him by Alan Mills, the singer with the band.  Coast To Coast hit the Charts in 1981 with a re-recorded version of 'The Hucklebuck' (Polydor, POSP-214), which made it into the Top 5; the versions on the Yorkie single are different to - and somewhat sparser than - those on the Polydor one.  Finance for the Yorkie recordings was provided by a record shop, J. B. Music. Coast to Coast was a British band from Northamptonshire, that was signed to Polydor Records. They are best known for their 1981 Top 10 hit in the UK with "(Do) The Hucklebuck". Formed in 1977 by Bud Smith (bass) and Bob Debank (guitar), who then auditioned Alan Mills for the lead vocalist and adding Graham ( Woofey) on Drums. this was the original formation of the Band. . They were joined by Sonnie Torlot (Saxophone) at a later date. and Earl Barton (drums) replaced Woofy. The group disbanded in 1982. Distributed By J. B. Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Coast To Coast Rock The Joint YORKIE JB 101
79 Coast To Coast The Hucklebuck YORKIE JB 102

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