Independent label: York Records was a subsidiary of the Trident television group, which was responsible for Yorkshire Television.  Unsurprisingly the occasional spin-off from the TV company's output appeared, such as the 'Theme from Emmerdale', by The Themeweavers (SYK-548) and a series of 'Stars On Sunday' albums; the label also featured local Yorkshire artists, such as the Folk duo Foggy.  Despite issuing more than seventy singles, in a wide variety of styles, York only hit the Singles Chart twice: The Settlers took 'The Lightning Tree' (SYK-505) to No.36 in 1971, and Glyn Poole went one better in 1973 with 'Milly Molly Mandy' (SYK-565).  York was active from 1971-75.  Its first few issues were handled by EMI, but at the end of September 1971 it switched to Decca; catalogue numbers remained the same, in an SYK-500 series, and the only visible difference to the label was that a reference to Decca appeared under the logo.  The straight-topped company sleeves became wavy, and a reference to EMI at the rear changed to a reference to Decca.  'The Lightning Tree' can be found in both EMI and Decca forms.  Early in 1973 the company moved to CBS; the move was marked by a change of label design and of catalogue numbering, to the YR-200s.  The change doesn't seem to have led to an improvement in the company's fortunes. York's London offices had been shut down, with most of the staff losing their jobs.  General Manager David Jefferson was to administer the company from the YTV centre in Leeds, while label manager Ann Bishop, who had joined only four months earlier, had been given the task of promoting York products and certain artists - Lovelace Watkins, Glyn Poole, and the Settlers - from her home.  There appear to have been no more releases after this point.  Just as a point of interest, the band Wooden Horse had signed to York and were to appear on a new progressive-orientated label; sadly the new label never appeared, and Wooden Horse's records ended up on the main alongside everybody else's.  The vocalist with the band, Noosha Fox, went on to enlabel joy Chart success with Fox and as a solo artist. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


71 Simplicity Any Minute Of Your Life YORK SYK 501
71 Two'S Company Morning Please Don'T Go YORK SYK 502
71 Foggy Dew-O Me And Booby Mcgee YORK SYK 503
71 Lovelace Watkins You Made Me So Very Happy YORK SYK 504
71 Settlers The Lightning Tree YORK SYK 505
71 Ransome Head Sing YORK SYK 506
71 Hudd Roy Are You Coming In YORK SYK 507
71 Page Ian Put A Little Loving In Your Heart YORK SYK 508
71 Lovelace Watkins Take My Hand YORK SYK 509
72 Ransome Peter Rainmaker Man YORK SYK 510
72 Thrasher Eiri I Just Want To Say Thank You YORK SYK 511
72 Settlers Here Now YORK SYK 512
72 Lovelace Watkins Angel She Was Love YORK SYK 513
72 Leyton Linda & Statemen Mrs Fullaway YORK SYK 514
72 Redbirds Jinsei YORK SYK 515
72 Amesbury Bill (Mike Berry?)  Going Down To Virginia YORK SYK 516
72 Back Alley Choir Nursery Rhyme Song YORK SYK 517
72 New Horizon Hey What Do You Say YORK SYK 518
72 Blount Michael Beautiful Morning YORK SYK 519
72 Settlers Santa Margherita YORK SYK 520
72 Dupont Paul Orchestra A Place In The Sun YORK SYK 521
72 Lovelace Watkins Rain Falls Anywhere It Wants To YORK SYK 522
72 James Ruben Love Is YORK SYK 523
72 Blue U I'Ve Been Lonely For So Long YORK SYK 524
72 Morris Garry Come On Home YORK SYK 525
72 Wooden Horse Pick Up The Peaces YORK SYK 526
72 Alias Billy Hills Maybe I'M Old Fashioned YORK SYK 527
72 Blount Michael Tackle The Sack YORK SYK 528
72 Grayson Larry Shut That Door YORK SYK 529
72 Berry Mike  Drift Away YORK SYK 530
72 Saker Bob Spaggy Brooker Back Door And Me YORK SYK 531
72 Settlers What A Wonderful World YORK SYK 532
72 Lovelace Watkins Country Road YORK SYK 533
72 Foggy How Come The Sun YORK SYK 534
72 Blount Michael Rosie YORK SYK 535
72 Jones Gaynor Da Doo Ron Ron YORK SYK 536
72 Page Ian If You Add All The Love In The World YORK SYK 537
72 Stevens Frankie Leave The World Alone YORK SYK 538
72 Unused YORK SYK 539
72 Hodsom Steve Crystal Bay YORK SYK 540
72 Crackers When Jo Jo Runs YORK SYK 541
72 Foggy Kitty Starr YORK SYK 542
73 Wooden Horse Woodern Horses YORK SYK 543
73 Saint Georgie & Dragons We Believe In Rock And Roll YORK SYK 544
73 Storm Rickie & Clouds Endless Sleep YORK SYK 545
73 Lovelace Watkins Let Them Play A Sad Song YORK SYK 546
73 Back Alley Choir Nursery Rhyme Song YORK SYK 547
73 Theameweavers Theme From Emmerdale YORK SYK 548
73 James Timothy Love You More Than I Can Say YORK SYK 549
73 Shades Monday'S Child YORK SYK 550
73 Leyton John Dancing In The Graveyard YORK SYK 551
73 Fyffe John If I'Ve Gotta Break Another Heart YORK SYK 552
73 Marshell Brian Hey Now What Do You Say YORK SYK 553
73 Daleks Feel It Inside YORK SYK 554
73 Saker Bob Family Sunday Morning YORK SYK 555
73 Sergeant Sparrow Red White & Blue YORK SYK 556
73 Morris Gerry Only The Beginning YORK SYK 557
73 Blount Michael Dan Daniel YORK SYK 558
73 Settlers Daisy-A-Day YORK SYK 559
73 Injun Jo Feel The Rhythm Inside YORK SYK 560
73 Stevens Frankie Sandy Sandy YORK SYK 561
73 Fandango High Glass Girl YORK SYK 562
73 Berry Mike  Now That I'M Without You YORK SYK 563
73 Jones Gaynor Diamonds And Gold YORK SYK 564
73 Poole Glyn Milly Molly Mandy YORK SYK 565


73 Whistle The Party Must Be Over YORK YR 201
73 Cryin' Shames I Don'T Believe It YORK YR 202
73 Wall Max The Fiddley Foodle Bird YORK YR 203
73 Saker Bob All Sing Together YORK YR 204
73 Dupont Paul Orchestra Bryl'S Somg YORK YR 205
74 Poole Glyn Good Time Song YORK YR 206
74 Abacus Indian Dancer YORK  YR 207
74 Timothy Allen Well I Wish YORK YR 208
74 Whistle When The Lights Go Out On Broadway YORK YR 209
74 Leyton John Rock 'N' Roll YORK YR 210
74 Page Ian Married YORK YR 211
74 Winston I Won'T Let Anna Go YORK YR 212
74 Lovelace Watkins My Love Forgive Me YORK YR 213
74 Tap Heperi Walk Away From It All YORK YR 214
74 Settlers Top Of The World YORK YR 215
74 Poole Glyn Sally Sunshine YORK YR 216
74 Lovelace Watkins The Way I Am YORK YR 217
74 Settlers She Didn'T Forget Her Shoes YORK YR 218



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