Independent label: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Records was a label dedicated to the music of the Disco Students.  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! released three singles during the period 1979-81, using an UH, HUH-0 numerical series; the first of these was 'South Africa House' (UH, HUH-1; 1979).  The label was revived in 2003, when the band got back together. Distributed By Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Disco Students  South Africa House YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 1
80 The Disco Students  A Boy With A Panchant For Open-Necked Shirt YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 2
81 The Kindergarten  But ?(12", EP) YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 3
2004 The Disco Students  Gay Lorry Drivers EP (Single) YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 4
2005 The Disco Students  9-8-9-10-11 : Live In New York . (CD MiniAlbum) YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 5
2006 The Disco Students  My Black Girlfriend (CD EP) YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 6
2006 The Disco Students  I Beg To Differ - Double CD Retrospective 1978 - 2006 (2xCDr) YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 7
2008 The Disco Students  I Met My Girlfriend At A Friars Gig/Fire At Earth Records  YEAH YEAH YEAH UHHUH 8

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