Independent label: WWA Records was a record label of management company Worldwide Artists. WWA appears to have had a fairly long and complicated birth.  The first oblique mention of it in Billboard magazine was on the 2nd of September 1972, when it was reported that Worldwide Music, a subsidiary of Hemdale, was planning to launch a new 'Hemdale' label, through WEA.  By November the plans had changed; in the issue of the 18th of that month Hemdale had consolidated its music division into a new firm, Excellency Music, and was looking for a distribution deal for a new label, possibly to be called 'Excellency'.  Nothing seems to have come of that.  The next move reported in Billboard (14th April 1973) was the planned setting up of a label called 'Heat' by Worldwide subsidiary Tweedrye Management, with Ken Mewis as label manager.  Heat never made it to the label stage, but it appears to have existed as a publishing and production company, as witness the credits on the label scan.  When at last the new label appeared, in the autumn of 1973, it was called WWA, and was licensed to Phonodisc.  WWA had some well-known names on its books - Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant, The Groundhogs and Medicine Head - but it failed to make any impact on the Charts and expired, reportedly amidst a certain amount of hassle, in or around early 1975.  Hemdale / Worldwide had taken NEMS Enterprises under its wing in 1972; after the demise of the WWA label the NEMS label was revived.  Manufacture and distribution of WWA products was by Phonodisc.  Usually Phonogram-group singles were numbered in 6000-000 series, but for some reason WWA stuck with a simple WWS-000 one. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Terraza Albert Vadi Via WWA  WWS 001
73 Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath WWA  WWS 002
73 Phillips Jeff I'Ll Never Fall In Love Again WWA  WWS 003
73 Not Issued WWA  WWS 004
73 Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath WWA  WWS 005
73 Grounghogs Sad Go Round WWA  WWS 006
74 Snafu Dixie Queen WWA  WWS 007
74 Romantics Electric Honey WWA  WWS 008
74 Odyssey Who WWA  WWS 009
74 Captain Zahl   O Rainy Days WWA  WWS 010
74 Bandy Legs Ride Ride WWA  WWS 011
74 Grounghogs Plea Sing Plea Sing WWA  WWS 012
74 Livsey Billy Let'S Get Drunk And Ride The Dodgems WWA  WWS 013
74 English Scott Something'S Missin' In My Life WWA  WWS 014
74 Medicine Head Mama Come Out WWA  WWS 015
74 Not Issued WWA  WWS 016
74 Gentle Giant The Power And The Glory WWA  WWS 017
74 Harrison Bobby Cleopatra Jones WWA  WWS 018
74 Captain Zahl O Rainy Day WWA  WWS 019
74 Gentle Giant In The Glass House WWA WWP 1001

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