Independent label: Wudwink Records was a label of Impulse Studios, Wallsend.  Under studio manager David Wood, Wudwink issued records throughout the '70s and into the '80s.  It seems to have been a custom pressing label, and most of its products are the usual Cabaret / Club fare.  It does however have a claim to fame in that it issued two of the first records to feature Sting, in his pre-Police days.  One was a single, 'Whispering Voices', by Last Exit (WUD-01; 1975); the other was an album by the Newcastle Big Band (IS/NBB/106; 1972).  Despite the evidence of the Last Exit single, Impulse's seven-inch records generally appear to have been issued in an IS/xxx/1000 numerical series, where xxx, were either the initials of the artist ('Holy City', by the Vince Clayton Trio, was numbered IS/VCT/1051, and the self-titled EP by This That And The Other was numbered IS/TT/1008) or the first few letters of the artist's name.  An EP by Cassie Collins, which has an IS/LC prefix, would seem to be either an exception or a misprint.  This unusual practice extended to the albums, as can be seen from the Newcastle Big Band LP referred to above.   Initially the prefix appears to have been reversed, with the 'IS' part coming second, but by the time of IS/BB/1003 what proved to be the standard form had been adopted.  Other examples of Impulse Studios numbers can be found on the Rigid, Magpie, Beverley, Fleet, Our Own, and Angelic Upstarts labels.  The label was usually black-on-white but the printing can be found in other colours, such as green or blue.  Up to and including IS/G-1009 the words 'Studio Label' appeared under the 'Wudwink', as can be seen from the first scan.  The Impulse Studios / Wudwink 7" records that I've managed to track down are listed below: any gap-filling information would be welcome.  Distributed By Wudwink Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Last Exit Whispering Voices WUDWINK WUD 01
74 Barrie Brothers Inital Offering From The Barrie Brothers IMPULSE STUDIO BB/IS 1002
74 Barrie Brothers Howway The Lads It'S Newcastle United ! MAGPIE IS/BB 1003
75 The Vance Clayton Trio We Believe In Music WUDWINK STUDIO IS/VCT 1004
75 Vance Clayton Trio Volume 2 WUDWINK STUDIO IS/VCT 1005
75 The Vance Clayton Trio  Volume 3  WUDWINK STUDIO IS/VCT 1006 
75 Billy Fontayne  Walking In The Sunshine WUDWINK STUDIO IS/BF 1007 
75 This That And The Other This That And The Other (Ep) WUDWINK STUDIO IS/TT 1008
75 Gaitway Simple Man WUDWINK IS/G 1009
75 The Gibsons The Gibsons WUDWINK IS/GIB 1010
75 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1011
75 The Jayells Round In Circles WUDWINK IS/J 1012
76 Tiny Lane Don'T Rain On My Parade WUDWINK IS/TL 1013
76 Ricky And Sherlie Young Whoever Finds This I Love You FLEET IS/RSY 1014
76 Not Traced   WUDWINK IS/ 1015
76 Tony Dee'S Comedy Rock 'N' Roll Show Mean Woman Blues FAIRVIEW  IS/TD 1016
76 Not Traced   WUDWINK IS/ 1017
76 The Dragoni Brothers  Flowers Of The Rarest PICADOR IS/D 1018
76 Not Traced   WUDWINK IS/ 1019
77 The Gibsons On The Southbound WUDWINK IS/GIB 1020
77 The Stylites I Can't Give You Anything WUDWINK IS/S 1021
77 Moat Brothers  Misty WUDWINK IS/MB 1022
77 Sympatica Take A Trip Carnival IS/NTS 1023
78 Angelic Upstarts The Murder Of Liddle Towers ANGELIC UPSTARTS IS/ 1024
78 Selas Marner Deep Inside WUDWINK IS/sm 1025
78 Jack Young Il Silencio WUDWINK IS/JY 1026
78 Cassie Collins Don'T Cry For Me Argentina WUDWINK IS/LC 1027
78 Junco Partners Swinging Sixties Boys RIGED IS/JUNK 1028
78 The Rebels Suicide RIGED IS/REB 1029
78 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1030
78 Sympatica Give Me Music WUDWINK IS/SYM 1031
78 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1032
78 Nicky Beat And The Beatniks I Can Hear Voices RIGED IS/BEAT 1033
78 Peter Night Don'T Leave Me This Way WUDWINK IS/PK 1034
78 No Way Breaking Point WUDWINK IS/NW 1035
78 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1036
79 Center Bright Eyes / Stardust WUDWINK IS/C 1037
79 Black Satin Black Satin WUDWINK IS/BS 1038
79 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1039
79 The Gibsons Ramblin' Fever WUDWINK IS/GIB 1040
79 Simon Jones And Happiness Take Away The Sunshine WUDWINK IS/SJH 1041
79 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1042
80 Jason King Just The Way You Are WUDWINK IS/JK 1043
80 Voice Of The Puppets I Don'T Want To Know WUDWINK IS/VP 1044
80 The Xtreme The Tramp Xtreme IS/X 1045
80 Warning Armchair Athlete Oven-Ready IS/W 1046
80 Axis Lady METAL MINDED IS/AX  1047 
80 Autumn Duo Suspicious Minds WUDWINK IS/DA 1048
80 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1049
81 First Impression Going Straight  WUDWINK IS/F1 1050 
81 Vince Clayton Trio Holy City WUDWINK IS/VCT 1051
81 Ed Lines And The Press Gang  Holidays In Benidorm / The New Ballad Of Peggy Stubbins IMPULSE STUDIO IS/WN 1052
81 Chips Rosie WUDWINK IS/CHIP 1053
81 Bad Luck Mutton Dressed As Lamb WUDWINK IS/BL 1054
81 Not Traced WUDWINK IS/ 1055
81 Tony Adams And Nite Life  Where In The World / La La Means I Love You WUDWINK IS/NL 1056
75 Last Exit Whispering Voices WUDWINK WUD 01

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