Independent Reggae label: Write Sounds Records was a London-based Reggae label, owned by one R. Sinclair.  Write Sounds started life in 1977 as 'Rite Sound',  it released at least four singles in 1978, and used three different colours of label in the process.  It also had a sister-label, 'Four Sixty'.  Numbering was in a WTS-1000 series. Distributed By Write Sounds Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Leroy Smart Children Of The Getto  WRITE SOUND  WTS 1001
78 Winston Jarrett Spanish Town Road  WRITE SOUND  WTS 1002
78 Revelation  With You Boy  WRITE SOUND  WTS 1003
78 Revelation   Jah Feelings WRITE SOUND  WTS 1004

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