Wrist's contribution to the world of recorded music came in the form of two 'Adult' records, both of them by Kristina / Christina Lotsa.  The first was a single, 'Masturbation Boogie' b/w 'Great Big Cock And Long Bananas', which came out in 1979 and had a catalogue number of BLIND-1.  BLIND-2 was an album 'Xtina', which followed a couple of years later; it featured both of the tracks on the single but gave the 'cock' as 'cocks'.  The single was recorded in Norway, and several sources online list it under that country, but the tracks on it - and indeed on the album - were written by M. Dangerfield and C. Steel, along with O. Norum; they would appear to be Matt Dangerfield and Casino Steel of UK Punk band The Boys, which for my money makes it highly likely that this was a UK release.  Thanks to Klepsie of the 45cat site for bringing Wrist to my attention, and to Nicholas Hough for supplying the scan.  The single came in a 'girlie' picture sleeve, which must have had novelty value in pre-internet days. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Kristina Lotsa Masturbation Boogie WRIST BLIND 1
81 Christina Lotsa Xtina (Album) WRIST BLIND 2

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