Independent label:  Workshop Records was a label of the Music Workshop studios, Jersey, Channel Isles.  Workshop appears to have made records from 1979 to 1983, with 7" and 12" records sharing the same numerical series.  The EP shown, 'Five Feet High And Rising' by Les Lane & Sheila Harris, seems to have been the company's only 7" release in the '70s.  Its matrix number, S/79/CUS-510, indicates that it was made through custom recording firm SRT, and, with its simple orange label, it does indeed have the look of an SRT custom recording of that time.  Pressing was by Orlake. Distributed By Workshop Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Memory Lane  Souvenirs (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2001
79 Les Lane And Sheila Harris Five Feet High And Rising WORKSHOP WR 2002
80 Jimmy Mack Launching (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2003
80 Not Traced WORKSHOP WR 2004
80 Not Traced WORKSHOP WR 2005
81 The Gary Lloyd Sound Featuring Molly Anson Victoria's - At The Grand Hotel - Jersey (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2006
81 Legend  Legend (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2007
81 Paul Wagner Sincerely Paul Wagner WORKSHOP WR 2008
81 Johnny Cosgrove Both Sides Of Johnny Cosgrove WORKSHOP WR 2009
81 Simon Raverne  Two Sides of Simon Raverne (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2010
81 Adam Stirling The Faces Of Adam Stirling WORKSHOP WR 2011
81 Memory Lane Memory Lane (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2012
81 Andy Cleland For The Good Times WORKSHOP WR 2013
81 Bobby Knutt  The Band Played Waltzing Matilda  WORKSHOP WR 2014
81 Rabble & Co  Lazy Sunday (Album) WORKSHOP WR 2015

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