Independent American label: Word Records was a Christian label.  Word was founded in 1951 by Jarrell McCracken from Waco, Texas.  Its first issues were Spoken Word albums, but it soon broadened its catalogue to include first Gospel and then Contemporary Christian material.  The company flourished like the green bay tree, brought singer Amy Grant - among others - to the attention of the public, and continues on to this day as part of Warner Music.  Britain not being so enthusiastically Cristian, Word has enjoyed a lower profile in these islands.  It seems to have taken its bow over here as Word (U.K.) in 1967, when it took over the Herald label from Livingston Records, which had gone into liquidation; Herald's Bill Hamilton remained in charge for some time.  Its headquarters were in North Watford to begin with, but by 1973 it had moved to Hemel Hempstead, where it remained throughout the decade.  The company concentrated on albums over here but it put the occasional single out, such as Vonda Van Dyke's 'Day By Day' (W-730; 1971).  In January 1977 it signed a licensing deal with major firm DJM, but the resulting issues came out on the DJM label.  There were several labels linked to Word in the States, but only two of them, Light and Myrrh would appear not to have issued any singles over here in the '70s. Distributed By Word Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Vonda Van Dyke Day By Day WORD W 730
79 The English Chorale Star Peace (Postage Stamp Gardens)  WORD WS 101
79 Andrať Crouch (Introducing Kristle Murden)  I'll Be Thinking Of You / I've Got The Best LIGHT WS 102
80 Sheila Walsh Here With Me CHAPEL LANE WS 103
80 Andrať Crouch Featuring Stevie Wonder And Kristle Murden I'll Be Thinking Of You LIGHT WS 104
84 Three Point Turn Just Can't Live  WORD WS 105
84 Saltmine Band So Far So Good WORD WS 106
86 Koinonia  Senor / Greatest Love WORD WS 107
86 Not Traced WORD WS 108
86 Not Traced WORD WS 109
86 C.O.G.I.C. Choir He's Got The Whole World In His Hands  WORD WS 110
86 Not Traced WORD WS 111
86 Not Traced WORD WS 112
86 Not Traced WORD WS 113
86 Amy Grant Ageless Medley  WORD WS 114
86 Petra Back To The Street / Whole World  WORD WS 115
86 Philip Bailey All Soldiers / Thank You WORD WS 116
86 Not Traced WORD WS 117
86 Karen Lafferty Asia/Christmas In Amsterdam M F M WS 118
86 Adrian Snell I Am The Way / Nobody Listens  WORD WS 119
86 Not Traced WORD WS 120
87 Phil & John Lonely Dancer  WORD WS 121
87 Not Traced WORD WS 122
87 Not Traced WORD WS 123
88 Russ Taff Higher / Believe In Love  WORD WS 124
88 Not Traced WORD WS 125
88 Not Traced WORD WS 126
88 Greg X Volz I Come Out Fighting  MYRRH WS 127
88 Petra  First Love / Mine Field  STARSONG WS 128
89 Not Traced WORD WS 129
89 Not Traced WORD WS 130
89 Deniece Williams  Special Love / Who's Who SPARROW WS 131
89 Not Traced WORD WS 132
89 Dieter Falk Sing And Shout  WORD WS 133
90 Not Traced   WORD WS 134
90 Idle Cure Don't Turn Away FRONTLINE WS 135
90 Charlie Peacock  One Thing / Big Man's Hat SPARROW WS 136
91 Caroline Bonnett  Heavenly Protection / One More Time WHAT WS 137
91 Margaret Becker Talk About Love SPARROW WS 138

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