Woodside Records was a DIY label. It managed at least one singles. 'Where's Me Mum', by comedy duo The Krankies.  Its catalogue number, KW-90909, suggests that there may well have been at least eight others.  'Where's Me Mum' also appeared on the Rubber label, in February 1976, as ADUB-5; presumably that was a reissue of the Woodside recording. Distributed By Woodside Records Records. The Krankies are a Scottish comedy duo who enjoyed success as a cabaret act in the 1970s and on television in the 1980s, featuring in their own television shows and releasing their own music single. They have regularly appeared in pantomime. The duo comprises wife Janette Tough and her husband Ian. As the Krankies they portray schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie (Janette), and paternal figure Ian Krankie (Ian), though in their comedy act they also portray other characters. Beginning in the 1990s, they regularly appeared as The Krankies in episodes of the BBC comedy series French and Saunders.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Krankies Where's Me Mum WOODSIDE KW 90909

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