Independent label: Woodbine Street Records was the record label of the recording studio of that name, which was located in Leamington Spa.  It issued at least three singles during 1979-80, including 'School Days', by Everyone Else (WS-001), Phil Canning's, 'Sellout' (WSR-002; 1979) and a 1980 record by Cheeky, 'Don't Mess Around'.  Apparently The Specials recorded some of their songs at Woodbine Street. Distributed By TS Records. Woodbine Street Former Address: 1 St Mary’s Crescent. Leamington Spa . Warwickshire . CV31 1JL. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Everyone Else School Days WOODBINE STREET  WSR 001
79 Phil Canning'S Sellout WOODBINE STREET  WSR 002
79 Cheeky  Don'T Mess Around WOODBINE STREET  WSR 003
80 Domestic Bliss Child Battery WOODBINE STREET  WSR 004
80 Cheeky Don't Mess Around WOODBINE STREET  WSR 005

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