Wode Records was presumably a music publishing company, Wode Music, of London.  Wode issued at least one single, a 'limited edition' according to the label.  The tracks on it were 'Carline' b/w 'You're Killing Me' by Hadrian Wall, Andy Comport and Aileen Foster - Foster's name was listed first on the 'B' side, on which she sang.  Both songs were written by R. Foster and the catalogue number of the single was FOS/SP-001, so it seems reasonable to guess that members of the Foster family were behind the release.  The labels were pale blue with black printing; the credits were at the bottom, and the label name was at the top in block lined capitals.  The record had no date on it but the seller of a copy on ebay said that it looked as though it was from the early '70s, which it did - the perimeter credits and general appearance were similar to that of Priory Productions.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Hadrian Wall, Andy Comport and Aileen Foster 'Carline' b/w 'You're Killing Me' WODE FOS/SP 001

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