Independent American Philadelphia label: WMOT Records initials stood for 'We Men Of Talent' - was run by Steve Bernstein.  It scored in the States with the likes of Blue Magic, Margie Joseph, and Fat Larry's Band, but only the latter got it into the Singles Chart over here, with, 'Zoom' (VS-546; 1982).  WMOT came on to the scene in Britain in 1977, about a year later than it did in its home country; previous to that date its records were issued on the Atlantic label over here.  It was part of the Fantasy group in the USA; in this country it came under the WEA umbrella initially, its - few - singles sharing a K-10000 numerical series with those of Atlantic.  From 1978-79 the WMOT label as such seems to have hibernated; such of the company's material as was issued in the U.K. came out on other Fantasy-associated labels, such as Stax and Fantasy itself.  Around 1980 the label woke from its apparent slumber and found a new lease of life; PRT was now responsible for its manufacture and distribution, and its singles were numbered in a new WMOT-100 series.  A move to Virgin followed, in 1982, at which point the singles started sharing Virgin's VS-100 catalogue numbers.  The company is reported to have hit legal troubles in 1984; the apparent absence of WMOT records from catalogues after that date suggests that those troubles may well have been terminal. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Blue Magic  Three Ring Circus  WMOT K 10910
77 Fat Larry'S Band Center City WMOT K 10951
77 Fat Larry's Band Fascination WMOT K 11002
80 Philly Cream Cowboys To Girls WMOT WMT 101
80 Smith Frankie Double Dutch Bus WMOT WMT 102
81 Mason Barbara On And Off WMOT WMT 103
81 Frankie Smith Double Dutch Bus WMOT WMT 104
81 Brandi Wells Watch Out WMOT VS 479
81 Frankie Smith Double Dutch Bus WMOT VS 485
81 Fat Larry's Band Act Like You Know WMOT VS 491
81 Brandi Wells  What Goes Around Comes Around WMOT VS 492
82 Fat Larry's Band  Golden Moment ? WMOT VS 514
82 Wells Brandi Fantasy WMOT VS 515
82 Fat Larry's Band  Zoom  WMOT VS 546
83 Fat Larry's Band  Stubborn Kind Of Fellow  WMOT VS 589
83 Fat Larry'S Band Don'T Let It Go To Your Head WMOT VS 632

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