Independent label: Wizard Records was a short-lived independent label, formed by Tony Secunda and Jimmy Miller and featuring artists from the Birmingham area.  There was talent at Wizard: Denny Laine, once of the Moody Blues and afterwards with Wings, made a single and an album for the label, as did Steve Gibbons, whose band was to chart in 1977/78; another Wizard artist was Trevor Burton, who had been with the Move and was later to taste Chart success as part of the Steve Gibbons Band.  With drummer Bob Lamb, the three of them recorded a single together for Wizard, under the name of Balls, 'Fight For My Country'(WIZ-101).  With all that potential about, it is surprising that Wizard lasted such a short time - 1970 to 1973 - and never conjured up any hits.  The label was licensed to EMI, who presumably did the pressing and distribution.  Distributed By Emi Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Balls Fight For My Country WIZARD  WIZ 101
71 Steve Gibbons Alright Now WIZARD  WIZ 102
71 Trevor Burton  Fight For My Country WIZARD  WIZ 103
73 Denny Laine Find The Way Somehow WIZARD WIZ 104

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