Independent Reggae label.  Wisdom was far more prolific in its native Jamaica than it was in Britain, but it did put put a couple of singles here, both of them in the second half of 1978.  First out of the traps, numerically speaking, was Dandy Livingstone's 'Six And Seven Books' b/w 'Sojourn Feeling' (NOR-501); the next was 'This Ya Stormy Weather' b/w 'Weather Man' by Tony Tuff (NOR-504).  The NOR prefix appears to be the result of a link-up with Livingstone's 'Night Owl Records' - Night Owl got a marketing credit on the label of his record, alongside Plastic Fantastic, a company which for three or four years handled an interesting variety of small labels as well as its own marques.  The Tony Tuff has a lower matrix number than the Dandy Livingstone, WM-17 as against WM-18, which is slightly odd, but there you go.  Those two singles seem to have been Wisdom's only UK releases, though with 1978 being a year in which Reggae companies started to lean in favour of 12" singles there may perhaps be one or two Wisdoms out there in that format.  Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Dandy Livingstone  Six And Seven Books / Sojourn Feeling  WISDOM NOR 501
78 Not Issued WISDOM NOR 502
78 Not Issued WISDOM NOR 503
78 Tony Tuff  This Ya Stormy Weather WISDOM NOR 504

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