Independent American label: Windsong Records was owned by John Denver, Jerry Wientraub, Harold Thau and Milt Okun, It started out in 1976 in the States and had a big hit over there with the Starland Vocal Band's, 'Afternoon Delight'; the record was also a hit in Britain, but it came out on RCA (RCA-2713; 7/76) over here, as did the follow-up, 'California Day' (RCA-2745; 10/76).   The actual Windsong label made its debut on these shores in 1977, again through RCA.  It put out albums by Helen Schneider and Roger Miller but it failed to crack the British Charts with any of the three singles that it released over here and it doesn't seem to have lasted long into the '80s.  Windsong singles had roughly the same catalogue numbers as their American counterparts; the differences were that an FB prefix was used instead of a CB one, and an initial '1' was dropped from the number - CB-11145 became FB-1145, for example.  This system of 'adapted numbers' was used for American product on other RCA-family labels including Grunt, Solar, Soul Train and Tattoo, and occasionally on RCA itself. Distributed By Rca Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Helen Schneider  So Close WINDSONG FB 0904
77 Helen Schneider  Until Now WINDSONG FB 1145
79 Corniche Chips Theme WINDSONG FB 1552

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