Independent Reggae label: Wind Records was Jamaican in origin, owned by Winston Riley and thus a sister to Techniques.  Most of Wind's records seem to have been released only in its home land, but it issued several singles in Britain in the '70s.  Numbering was in a W-0 series, each side having its own number.  As can be seen, the label had a distinctly Jamaican appearance; but the (few!) of its Jamaican singles that I have seen have had no catalogue numbers showing.  From 1970-74 a number of Riley's productions had been made available here via Trojan, on the Techniques label; I would guess that Wind was introduced after that arrangement expired.  There are no dates on the labels, The discography below lists the British 'Wind' singles that I have been able to trace; W-1/2 is unaccounted for, and may not exist. Distributed By Wind Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced WIND W 1/2
75 The Techniques  What's It All About WIND W 3/4
75 Lloyd Young  Call Your Mama WIND W 5/6
75 The Ethiopians  Big Belly Horse WIND W 7/8
76 The Ethiopians  Jerico WIND W 9/10

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