The Wimbledon Girl Singers is one those cases where a label has no distinct identity and I've had to name it after the artist.  The Wimbledon Girl Singers featured on a couple of LPs for Rediffusion in '70s, 'The Wimbledon Girl Singers With Ronald Binge' (ZS-128; 1972) and 'Golden Souvenirs' (Gold Star, 15-85; 1976), so it seems like a reasonable guess that their single 'England' b/w 'Sailing By' and 'Watermill' (WGS-001) was also made for that company; the tracks on the 'B' side appeared on the 'With Ronald Binge' LP. The Girl Singers had a couple more 7" records out, later in the decade (see 'Promus International'), but there doesn't appear to have been a WGS-002. Distributed By Souvenirs Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 The Wimbledon Girl Singers England b/w Sailing By' and 'Watermill WIMBLEDON GIRL SINGERS WGS 001

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