Independent American label: Whitfield Records was brought into being to issue productions by Norman Whitfield, who had been a successful producer at Motown.  It lasted from 1976 to 1981 and had a number of chart hits, including several by Rose Royce; the one most often found in charity shops over here is that band's, 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore' (K-17236), which got to No.2 in 1978.  Whitfield records were manufactured and distributed by WEA in Britain.  Paper labels were the norm, but occasionally injection-moulded ones appeared as a result of pressing being farmed out at times of high demand.  Catalogue numbers of its singles shared the main Warner Brothers K-16000 and 17000 series.  The discography below only covers the 1970s.. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Undisputed Truth U+Me=Love (12') WHITFIELD K 16804
77 Undisputed Truth Let'S Go Down To The Disco WHITFIELD K 16912
77 Rose Royce Do Your Dance WHITFIELD K 17006
78 Rose Royce Wishing On A Star WHITFIELD K 17060
78 Rose Royce It Makes You Feel Like Dancin' WHITFIELD K 17148
78 Rose Royce Love Don'T Live Here Anymore WHITFIELD K 17236
79 Rose Royce I'M In Love WHITFIELD K 17291
79 Willie Hutch Come On And Dance With Me WHITFIELD K 17318
79 Rose Royce Angel In The Sky WHITFIELD K 17347
79 Rose Royce Is It Love Your After WHITFIELD K 17456
79 Rose Royce I Wonder Where You Are WHITFIELD K 17463
80 Rose Royce Ooh Boy WHITFIELD K 17575
80 Rose Royce Pop Your Fingers WHITFIELD K 17674
80 Rose Royce Golden Touch WHITFIELD K 17747
81 Rose Royce Rose Royce Express WHITFIELD K 17875

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