Independent label: Whitetower Records was Based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.  Information about Whitetower is hard to come by, but it would appear to have been primarily a studio and it was run by sound-recording enthusiast Mike Skeet.  Many of the recordings that it made involved the early use of a digital process and were made using the 'dummy head' method.  The results were issued as a series of 7" records under the general title of 'Binaural Spectacular'; they consisted of a variety of things such as sound effects, train sounds, comedy and music, and were presumably intended primarily as demonstrations of the effectiveness of the process.  There was also an LP of various brass bands, 'Brass Roots Volume 1' (AMC-101; 1978) - googling fails to revel the existence of any later volumes.  The 'AMC' of the prefix appears to have stood for 'Audio Mixer Concepts'.  The studio was also responsible for an EP by the Ocho Rios band, 'Ocho Rios Play Annie's Song', which came out c.1980 on the O&R label (AMC/ORS-2). Thanks to Robert Bowes for the scan. WhiteTower Music Records Former Address: 2 Roche gardens Bletchley Milton Keynes MK3 6HR. Distributed By Whitetower Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Various Artists Binaural Spectacular Volume One WHITETOWER MUSIC AMC 701
78 Various Artists Binaural Spectacular Volume Two WHITETOWER AMC 702
79 Quainton Railway Society Binaural Spectacular Volume Three - Steam At Quainton WHITETOWER AMC 703
79 Colin E Cowles & Philip Bass Binaural Spectacular Volume Four WHITETOWER AMC 704
79 Sinner Need Your Love WHITETOWER AMC 705
79 Spud And The Fabs Your Place Or Mine WHITETOWER AMC 706

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