Independent label: White Dove Records was an obscure label from 1979 to 1980.  White Dove issued at least four singles in a WD-100 numerical series, two of which were by a band called, 'Tan'. Distribution was by Spartan for WD-102, which came out in August 1979; by January of the following year Pinnacle had taken over.  Two more singles appeared in 1981, with catalogue numbers in the RAWD-820s, again through Pinnacle.   Just as an aside, it seems slightly odd that the dove on the White Dove label pictured  is in fact coloured blue; but there you go. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Tan I'Ve Got To Get To Indiana WHITE DOVE WD 101
79 Tan There'S A Fire Inside WHITE DOVE WD 102
79 Tin Kan Thousand Miles Of White WHITE DOVE WD 103
80 Silicon Fish Heartburn WHITE DOVE WD 104
81 Keys Captain KirkS Disco Track WHITE DOVE RAWD 820
81 Nelson Family Don Quixote WHITE DOVE RAWD 821

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