Westward Records was a one-off self-financed label, featuring the founder and long-time chairman of Westward Television, businessman Peter Cadbury.  A single by him coupling a revamped version of Cole Porter's 'Let's Do It' with 'The Persian Kitten' seems to have been Westward's only release.  It dates from 1979.  There are no catalogue numbers on the labels, the number on the run-off is WT/PC-01.  Westward Television was the first ITV franchise holder for the South West of England. It held the franchise from 29 April 1961 until 31 December 1981. After a difficult start, Westward Television provided a popular, distinctive and highly regarded service to its region, until public boardroom squabbles led to its franchise not being renewed by the IBA. Westward launched the career of many broadcasters who became well known nationally, won numerous awards for its programming, and heavily influenced its successor, TSW. Distributed By Westward Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Peter Cadbury Peter Cadbury In Cabaret WESTWARD WT/PC 01

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