Independent Reggae label: Western Kingston Records was owned by Dennis Harris and distributed by D. L. International.  Western Kingston issued several singles in Britain in 1976, numbering them in the WK-500s.  The catalogue number of Pat Francis's 'Rasta Protest', WK-506, suggests that there ought to be at least five others,  'Clean Up Woman' by Samantha Rose (WK-504), and the Merry Makers' 'Untouchable Special' (WK-505). The Pat Francis record had mid-blue-and-white labels rather than green-and-white, but all the singles had large spindle holes after the usual West Indian fashion. Distributed By DIP Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Traced   WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 501
76 Not Traced WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 502
76 Not Traced WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 503
76 Rose Samantha  Clean Up Woman WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 504
76 Merry Makers   Untouchable Special  WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 505
76 Pat Francis  Rasta Protest  WESTERN KINGSTON  WK 506

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