Independent American label: Westbound Records was a specialist in Soul music. was founded by Armen Boladian, and was based in Detroit.  It was launched in 1969 and from 1970 was distributed by Janus in the USA; distribution switched to 20th Century Fox in 1975 and to Atlantic in 1977, but by the end of 1979 the company had bitten the dust.  The Janus connection led to Westbound products initially coming out on that label in Britain, and when Westbound appeared as a label in its own right, in 1973, it was handled by Phonogram, which also handled Janus.  Catalogue numbers were in a 6146-100 series (Janus singles were usually numbered in the 6146-000s); 101, 106 and 107 seem not to have been used.  British Westbound singles appear to often have differed from the American ones, featuring alternative combinations of tracks, and Denise LaSalle's 'Do Me Right' (6146-102; 7/73) doesn't seem to have had an American equivalent at all.  As far as the U.K. is concerned there seems to have been no Westbound material issued here from the Spring of 1974 until June 1977 when a distribution deal was signed with Atlantic.  Sadly that deal resulted in Westbound appearing as a logo on standard Atlantic labels rather than being relaunched as a label proper, though it kept its own identity in the USA.  The company had a couple of hits here early on, courtesy of the Detroit Emeralds, but as was the case with so many American companies its real successes came in its home country.   In the Summer of 1973 the attractive early paper label was replaced by a dull injection-moulded one, in line with the Phonogram group's other singles; it came in blue or lilac.  The labels of the first four singles can be found in both paper and injection moulded form, presumably because of re-pressings.  Singles were sometimes dinked at the factory and were supplied with 'spider' adaptors. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Ohio Players Funky Worm WESTBOUND 6146 100
72 Moments & Whatnaut Girls PHONOGRAM 6146 101
72 Lasalle Denise Do Me Right WESTBOUND 6146 102
72 Detroit Emeralds You Want It You Got It WESTBOUND 6146 103
73 Detroit Emeralds I Think Of You WESTBOUND 6146 104
73 Lasalle Denise Trapped By A Thing Called Love WESTBOUND 6146 105
73 Not Issued I think of you WESTBOUND 6146 106
73 Not Issued WESTBOUND 6146 107
74 Detroit Emeralds You'Re Getting A Little Too Smart WESTBOUND 6146 108

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