Independent label: Wessex Records Founded by Mike Devereux and the second Wessex of the '70s the company from Portsmouth.  Wessex has been described as a 'DIY-friendly' label, Wessex was a "vehicle for local bands to have their records pressed and to protect them with publishing." It was associated with Telecomms (later Nevada) equipment store, publisher Wessex Music, and Nevada Studios. Catalogue numbers seem to have been in the WEX-260s / WEX-270s, and the company was operative from 1979 to 1980. Distributed By Wessex Records. The Thought Police were a punk/powerpop band from Portsmouth. Line-up was Billy Hughes: Guitar and vocals. Mark Radford: Bass and vocals. Clive Duerden: drums. Laughing Gass was originally formed on the Hollingbury estate of north Brighton. Line-up was Paul Amey Vocals Steve Wilkes, Dave Bainbridge, Barry Clifton, Mick Perrin guitars Steve Bray, Gez Griffin Captain Scud (Phil Nash) Den Woolmer bass Rob Wilkes (Steve's brother) drums. The Same was Formed June 1979, Worthing, West Sussex. Members Steve Rose (guitar, vocals), Pete Juster (bass), Brian Morris (guitar), Tony Denyer (drums). Twist & Shout was Formed 1979, Worthing, West Sussex. Members John Cohen (vocals, guitar), Alfred Armstrong (bass), Linda Morris (drums). Strate Jacket was Formed 1977. Southampton, Hampshire. Disbanded 1981. Members
Terry O'Brien (vocals), Gordon O'Brien (guitar), Martin James (bass). China Doll Formed Poole, Dorset. Members Peter Fitch, Gary Gahan, John Lister, Nick. Teenage Filmstars Formed 1979, London and Disbanded in 1999. Members Ed Ball, Daniel Treacy (1979-80), Joe Foster (1979-80), Paul Damian (1979-80).Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Spook A-Auraa WESSEX WEX 261
79 Checkmate My Life WESSEX WEX 262
79 Thought Police Mr. Sad WESSEX WEX 263
79 Laughing Gass  New Tart  WESSEX WEX 264
79 Don E. Sibley and The Dixie Phoenix Punk Bashing Boogie / Rock With the Devil EAGLE WEX 265
79 Dials Maxine WESSEX WEX 266
79 Same Wild About You WESSEX WEX 267
79 Twist 'N' Shout  Bounce Back / As It Happens  WESSEX WEX 268
79 Strate Jacket You'Re A Hit WESSEX WEX 269
79 Spittin' Image  Baby Goodbye  WESSEX WEX 270
79 Silvertown Sunday Driver WESSEX WEX 271
80 Nightrider  Gruesome Girls WESSEX WEX 272
80 China Doll  Oysters And Wine  WESSEX WEX 273
80 Soho (ex-Kaptain Kukumber)  Miss You All The Way/Come On Girl WESSEX WEX 274
80 Teenage Filmstars The Odd Man Out WESSEX WEX 275
80 Kaleidoscope Bonie Moronie WESSEX WEX 276

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