One of those cases where there's no label name on a record and I've had to name it after the band in order to give it some kind of identification.  Country band Wells Fargo put out three self-financed LPs through Tank Records in 1977-80: 'Scarred And Grey' (BSS-176; 1977), 'Who's Buying' (BSS-352; 1978), and 'Pushin' Time' (BSS-420; 1980).  They also made a four-track EP, which appears to pre-date the albums.  As can be seen from the scan, its labels were small and were stuck over blanks; they offered only the most basic information and were the same on both sides.  The matrix number of the EP was TOM-EP-12, which doesn't ring any bells for me, and its style suggests a British Homophone pressing from before 1975.  In addition the recording is in mono, which suggests earlier in the decade rather than later.  Autographs on one side indicate that at this time the members of the band were Pete Holmes, Norval 'Nobby' Cree, Arthur Naylor and 'Country' Al Cranley (Crawley?); by the time the albums came out Naylor and Cranley had been replaced by Haydon Percival and Reg Stratton.  Any more information would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Wells Fargo Big Iron WELLS FARGO  TOM EP 12

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