Independent label: Weekend Records was the record label of London Weekend Television.  It appears to have been active from 1977-78, though it enjoyed a brief revival in 1990.  Weekend's '70s singles were handled by DJM and shared a DJS-10000 numerical series with those of that company.  Manufacture and distribution were by CBS, as they were for DJM's own records at that time.  The 'A' on the appropriate side is just for easy identification, it doesn't indicate a promo copy. DJM did the marketing until the end of July 1978, when that company's sales force was closed down; after that point CBS presumably marketed Weekend records alongside the other DJM product.  There were no hits on the label. Carl Wayne Real Name: Colin David Tooley. (born August 18, 1943, Birmingham, England died August 31, 2004, Birmingham, England) was a British singer and actor. He is perhaps best remembered as the lead singer of the Birmingham rock group The Move during the late 1960's. In 2004 he was admitted to hospital for tests; he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and died a few weeks later, aged 61. Telephone Bill & the Smooth Operators were a Cambridge based band of the late 1970s / early 80s, fronted by Nick Barraclough (later a BBC country/folk presenter and producer). Essentially folk and bluegrass oreintated, 'The Bill' also included virtuoso fiddle / mandolin player Gerry Hale, Anne Baker, songwriter Chris Cox, and (at various times) Robb Appleton, Andy Metcalfe, Tony Shepherd and Richard Lee. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Helen Barnes Someday When I'm Gone WEEKEND DJS 10782
77 Telephone Bill And The Smooth Operators Manhattan Roll WEEKEND DJS 10785
77 Carl Wayne Hi Summer WEEKEND DJS 10797
77 Gambler Any Number Can Win WEEKEND DJS 10806
77 Telephone Bill And The Smooth Operators  Blue For You / Silhouettes WEEKEND DJS 10808
77 Mansell Chorale Song Of Freedom WEEKEND DJS 10837
78 Mountgrove Truckin' Company It'S Better To Be Alive WEEKEND DJS 10851
78 Chris Blake  Mixed Blessings WEEKEND DJS 10855
78 Telephone Bill And The Smooth Operators  Crusin'  WEEKEND DJS 10858
78 South Bank Team Action Argentina (World Cup '78) WEEKEND DJS 10867
78 Tom Catz It'S The Fonz WEEKEND DJS 10868
78 Gambler Armed Robbery WEEKEND DJS 10874
78 Blake Chris Summer Nights WEEKEND DJS 10875
78 Telephone Bill And The Smooth Operators  Wann See Your Telephone Bill ? WEEKEND DJS 10885

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