Independent label from Scotland: Wee Roon Records appears to have been an outlet for the works - written and recorded - of poet and songwriter Watt Nicoll.  He made a number of records for Transatlantic in the late '60s and early '70s, and then seems to have branched out on his own.  Catalogue numbers, which were in the RKR-0s, he put out at least three records on Wee Roon, all of which were either EPs or singles.  First off the presses was 'Hampden Roar' (RKR-1), which featured 'Doreen' in addition to Watt and was issued in 1976.  There's no date on 'What Made Scotland Famous' (RKR-2), but the presence on it of a track called 'All The Way With Ally' suggests 1978.  At some point after this came 'Great Again' b/w 'Swandown Girl', which was numbered RKR-3 and again has no date on the label.  Distributed By Wee Roon Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Watt Nicoll  Hampden Roar WEE ROON RKR 1
78 Watt Nicoll  What Made Scotland Famous WEE ROON RKR 2
78 Watt Nicoll  Watt Nicoll EP WEE ROON RKR 3

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