Way Ou Records was a DIY label. It dates from 1978.  It appears only to have issued one record, The Exits' 'Yodelling' EP (WOO-1; 6/78). 500 numbered copies with rubber-stamped labels. Comes in a controversial "Goebbels" folded picture sleeve. Copies were sold at only a few outlets in the UK, from Way Out Records mail order or the band themselves. Track B2 is given as "The Weekend Song" on the sleeve but as "Fuck The Weekend" on the label. Exits was Formed in late 1977 & Split by the end of the school year the Band were all students at the Keele University. Rich Potter (voc guitar) Gilchrist Reed (bass voc) Jules "leperd' Smith (drums voc) David De Mentoid (Violin voc) Hans Heap (Sax Stylophone voc). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Exits Yodelling' EP WAY OUT  WOO 1

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