Waxworks Records was a DIY label. It existed for the sole purpose of making available a single by Hobbies Of Today, 'Metal Boys' (H.O.T. WAX-01; 1979).  There were two matrix numbers on the 'A' side run-off, EJSP-9302 and LYN-7438, which were proper to custom recording firm Ellie Jay and manufacturers Lyntone respectively. The Hobbies hailed from Mexborough South Yorkshire, and were led by Kevin Hobbi, who owned the label.  Plans to release a 'lost' Hobbies Of Today single from 1977 in the near future (2014), on the Waxworks label, with a catalogue number of H.O.T.WAX-00. Distributed By Waxworks Records. Hobbies Of Today formed in Mexborough in March 1977: they had previously been known as 'The Electric Sect' and performed one gig under the name 'The Heat', before renaming as H.O.T, and finally, 'Hobbies Of Today'. Kevin Hobbi (guitar, vocals) Stuart Holie (bass) David Exciting (drums) Rod Mason (saxophone).Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hobbies Of Today Metal Boys WAXWORKS H.O.T. WAX  01

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