Wax Records was a Punk / New Wave label, one of the many independents which came and went during the late '70s and early '80s.  The second Wax label of the 1970s was from Long Riding, Basildon, Essex, and lasted longer than its precursor.  It issued at least five seven-inches during the period 1978-80: one each by The Machines, Grinder, and the Steve Hooker Band, and two by Marc Thor.  The label of EAR-1 was basic in the extreme, the titles and label name being rubber-stamped on to a plain white background; thanks to Barry Adcock for that scan.  By the time of EAR-3 the label design had become more ambitious, and Wax's records were being distributed by Pinnacle. The Machines were not only Southend's first punk band. Vocalist / Guitarist Nick Paul formed the band in 1977, recruiting Duf (Ian Duffy) on Bass, and drummer John Dee. Grinder were from Wickford, Essex and formed in 1977, starting life as 'The Bin Liners'. Their main line up consisted of Terry Luckett - Vocals & costumes(!), Simon Mills - Bass, Stewart Clark - Guitar, Dave Smith - Guitar, Graham Filby - Drums and Steve Scott - Guitar/Sax. Steve Hooker has the scars to remember The Heat (punk rock 'n' roll 1977), The Shakers (rhythm 'n' blues from hell 1982 - 1987), Boz and The Bozmen (glam rockabilly 1988) and Rumble (raw rockabilly 1994 - 1997). He also played and recorded with Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood and Blockheads). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Machines True Life WAX  EAR 1
79 Grinder Spiderman WAX  EAR 2
79 Steve Hooker Band Keep Dancing WAX  EAR 3
80 Marc Thor  Love Sucks WAX  EAR 4
80 Marc Thor  Holiday Fine WAX  EAR 5

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