Independent Bristol label: Wavelength Records was set up by the drummer Thomas Brooman (along with Bob Hooton) to release a single by his Bristol big band, The Spics. It subsequently released three further singles by Gardez Darkx, Joe Public (another Brooman band) and Color Tapes before reinventing itself in 1980 as a combination magazine/record called The Bristol Recorder, which ran for three issues. It issued a handful of singles in or around 1979, using a HURT-0 numbering series.  Distribution was by Pinnacle and Rough Trade.  HURT-1, 'You And Me', by Power Pop band the Spics, was issued in August 1979; HURT-4, Colortapes, 'Cold Anger', came out in October of that year. The Spics: Was a Short lived Band from Bristol, notable members included Nick Sheppard on guitar, Thomas Brooman on drums and Wendy and Sarah Partridge on backing vocals. Gardez Darkx was a Post punk jazz crossover band formed in Bristol in 1977.Originally a 4 piece comprising of Lattif Gardez on lead guitar,Paul Darkx on trumpet,along with a bass player and a drummer. later expanding thier line up with a keyboard player. Joe Public formed in Bristol, a Power Pop / Mod / New Wave comprising of Rob Marche (guitar/b.vox) John Shennan (L.Vox/bass) & Geoff Allsop (Drums) Nick Sheppard joined in the band in 1980. Colortapes (great Bristol band who split when their singer ran away to Mexico to escape debt collectors. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Spics You And Me WAVELENGTH HURT 1
79 Gardez Darkx Bliss WAVELENGTH HURT 2
79 Joe Public Hermans Back WAVELENGTH HURT 3
79 Colortapes' Cold Anger WAVELENGTH HURT 4

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