Independent label: Warwick Records was a record label of compilation specialists Multiple Sound Distribution, Warwick spent much of the late '70s and the '80s producing the kind of '20 Golden Hits' albums which are the staple of Charity shops today.  Its singles output was much leaner, but the occasional one slipped out.  The numbering of these singles was rather strange: for the most part they seem to have been given the same number as the LP from which they were taken, with a slightly altered prefix.  Thus Clinton Ford's album, '30 Smash Hits Of The War Years, Volume 2', and the single taken from it, 'Land Of Hope And Glory' (1975), were numbered WW-5006 and WWS-5006 respectively; while Boxcar Willie's LP, 'King Of The Road', and the single taken from it, were numbered WW-5084 and SW-5084.  As the vast majority of albums didn't have singles taken from them, this produces huge gaps in the numbering and leaves the amateur researcher without any clue as to how many singles the company released.  There seem to have been just two in the 1970s, one of which - Anita Harris's 'The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot' - seems not to have been taken from an album.  Warwick started issuing records in 1974; the last 7" of theirs that I have been able to trace was Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney's, 'True Love' (SW-1005), which came out in 1987. Distributed By Multiple Sound Distribution Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Various Artists All The Best From Scotland (Album) WARWICK WW 5000
75 Bernard Manning & Joe "Piano" Henderson 40 All Time Singalong Party Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5001
75 Various Artists Best Of British Brass (Album) WARWICK WW 5002
75 Various Artists The Voice Of Scotland (Album) WARWICK WW 5003
75 Ivor Emmanual Salute To Wales (Album) WARWICK WW 5004
75 Ed Stewart Stewpot's Pop Party (Album) WARWICK WW 5005
75 Ford'S Clinton  Land Of Hope And Glory WARWICK WWS 5006
75 Gracie Fields The Golden Years Of Gracie Fields (Album) WARWICK WW 5007
75 Freddie Staff And His Sensational Swing Band Swinging Sensation (Album) WARWICK WW 5008
75 Graham Todd Graham Todd's Harmonising Hammond (Album) WARWICK WW 5009
75 Not Traced WARWICK WW 5010
75 Bernard Manning My Kind Of Music (Album) WARWICK WW 5011
76 Various Artists Instrumental Gold (Album) WARWICK WW 5012
76 Not Traced WARWICK WW 5013
76 Various Artists Hamilton'S Hot Shots (Album) WARWICK WW 5014
76 Anita Harris Love To Sing (Album) WARWICK WW 5015
76 The Cliff Adams Singers Sing Something Simple (Album) One WARWICK WW 5016
76 The Cliff Adams Singers Sing Something Simple (Album) Two WARWICK 5017
76 The Beverley-Phillips Orchestra Gold On Silver - 20 Gold Hits From The Silver Screen  WARWICK WW 5018
76 Bert Weedon Bert Weedon's 22 Golden Guitar Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5019
76 The Glasgow Phoenix Choir Songs Of Praise (Album) WARWICK WW 5020
76 Tony Bennett The Very Best Of Tony Bennett 20 Greatest Hits (Album) WARWICK PR  5021
76 The Wombles The Best Of The Wombles - 20 Wombling Greats (Album)  WARWICK PR  5022
76 Various Artists Hitscene '76 (Album) WARWICK PR  5023
77 Rogers And Hammerstein The Magic (Album) WARWICK WW 5024
77 Not Traced WARWICK WW 5025
77 Not Traced WARWICK WW 5026
77 Everly Brothers Living Legends (Album) WARWICK WW 5027
77 Acker Bilk & His Clarinet Sheer Magic (Album) WARWICK WW 5028
77 Various Artists Strictly Instrumental (Album) WARWICK WW 5029
77 Various Artists 22 Golden Piano Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5030
77 Brook Benton The Incomparable Brook Benton (Album) WARWICK WW 5031
77 Frankie Laine The Very Best Of Frankie Laine: 20 Greatest Hits (Album)  WARWICK PR  5032
77 Various Artists 22 Golden Trumpet Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5033
77 Little Richard 22 Original Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5034
77 Bert Weedon Let The Good Times Roll (Album) WARWICK WW 5035
77 Ray Stevens The Remarkable Ray Stevens (Album) WARWICK WW 5036
77 Various Artists Fonzie Favorites (Album) WARWICK WW 5037
77 The Salvation Army / Various The Salvation Army By Request (Album)  WARWICK WW 5038
77 Various Artists Country Girl Meets Country Boy (Album) WARWICK PR  5039
77 Tammy Wynette Twenty Country Classics (Album) WARWICK PR  5040
77 Christina Gregg Music'n Motion (Album) WARWICK WW 5041
78 The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra Beyond The Blue Horizon (Album) WARWICK WW 5042
78 Liberace Mr. Entertainment (Album) WARWICK WW 5043
78 Ray Conniff 20 Number One Hits (Album) WARWICK PR  5044
78 Acker Bilk His Clarinet And Strings Evergreen (20 All Time Greats) (Album) WARWICK PW  5045
78 Various Artists Love Songs (Album) WARWICK WW 5046
78 Various Artists Black Velvet (Album) WARWICK WW 5047
78 Various Artists One Hit Wonders 20 Extra Ordinary Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5048
78 Various Artists Double Delight (Album) WARWICK WW 5049
78 Various Artists Lemon Popsicle (Album) WARWICK WW 5050
78 The Les Reed Orchestra You Should Be Dancing (Album) WARWICK WW 5051
78 Harry Secombe Bless This House (20 Songs Of Joy) (Album) WARWICK WW 5052
78 Doris Day 20 Golden Greats (Album) WARWICK PR  5053
78 Biddu Orchestra Disco Gold (Album) WARWICK PR  5054
78 Liberty Belle 40 Golden Evergreens (Album) WARWICK WW 5055
78 The Alexander Brothers Two Highland Lads (Album) WARWICK WW 5056
79 Various Artists Old & New Country & Western Stars (Album) WARWICK WW 5057
79 The Spinners Meet The Spinners (Album) WARWICK WW 5058
79 Jonathan King Hit Millionaire (Album) WARWICK WW 5059
79 Various Artists Rockabilly Dynamite! (Album) WARWICK WW 5060
79 Various Artists 20 Smash Disco Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5061
79 Adrian Brett Echoes Of Gold (Album)  WARWICK WW 5062
79 Andy Stewart Welcome To Scotland (Album)  WARWICK 5063
79 Gary Busey The Buddy Holly Story (Album) WARWICK WW 5064
79 Johnnie Ray 20 Golden Greats (Album) WARWICK PR  5065
79 Guy Mitchell 20 Golden Greats (Album)  WARWICK PR  5066
79 Mantovani And His Orchestra The Mantovani Golden Collection (Album) WARWICK WW 5067
79 Bachelors  25 Golden Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5068
79 Acker Bilk His Clarinet & Strings 20 Romantische SfeermelodieŽn (Album) WARWICK WW 5069
79 Various Artists Country Guitar (20 Country Instrumental Greats) (Album)  WARWICK WW 5070
79 Des O'Connor Just For You (20 Special Songs) (Album)  WARWICK WW 5071
79 Mary O'Hara Tranquility (20 Songs Of Life) (Album)  WARWICK WW 5072
79 Andy Stewart Sing A Song Of Scotland (Album) One WARWICK WW 5073
79 Andy Stewart Sing A Song Of Scotland (Album) Two WARWICK WW 5074
79 Various Artists Yesterday's Hero (Album) WARWICK WW 5075
79 The Boppers 20 Rock 'n Boppin' Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5076
79 Edith Holden, Francesca Annis, Leo McKern The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady (Album) WARWICK WW 5077
80 Various Artists Going Steady (Album) WARWICK WW 5078
80 Don Gibson Country Number One  (Album) WARWICK WW 5079
80 Gallagher & Lyle The Best Of Gallagher & Lyle (20 Beautiful Songs) (Album) WARWICK WW 5080
80 Val Doonican The Very Best Of Val Doonican (Album) WARWICK WW 5081
80 Various Artists Country Welcome (Album) WARWICK WW 5082
80 Brenda Lee Little Miss Dynamite (Album) WARWICK WW 5083
80 Boxcar Willie Peace In The Valley WARWICK SW 5084
80 Barbara Woodhouse Training Dogs Her Way (Album) WARWICK WW 5085
80 Robin Sarstedt You Must Remember This (Album) WARWICK PW  5086
80 Brotherhood Of Man Sing Twenty Number One Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5087
80 Joan Collins Beauty And Exercise Record (Album) WARWICK WW 5088
80 Pat Boone The Best Of Pat Boone - 22 Original Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5089
80 The Max Jaffa Orchestra Reflections In Gold (Album) WARWICK WW 5090
80 Adrian Brett Stepping Stones (Album) WARWICK WW 5091
80 Kiki Dee Kiki Dee's Greatest Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5092
80 The National Philharmonic Orchestra Golden Overtures (Album) One WARWICK WW 5093
80 The National Philharmonic Orchestra Golden Overtures (Album) Two WARWICK WW 5094
80 The National Philharmonic Orchestra Golden Overtures (Album) Three WARWICK WW 5095
80 Jim Watt Flower Of Scotland WARWICK SW 5096
80 Lulu The Very Best Of Lulu (Album) WARWICK WW 5097
80 Ken Dodd 20 Golden Greats Of Ken Dodd (Album) WARWICK WW 5098
80 Dana  Everything Is Beautiful (Album) WARWICK WW 5099
80 Des O'Connor I'll Never Love This Way Again  WARWICK SW 5100
81 George Hamilton IV 20 Country Classics (Album) WARWICK WW 5101
81 Conway Twitty It's Only Make Believe - 20 Great Songs (Album) WARWICK WW 5102
81 Don Gibson Country My Way (Album) WARWICK WW 5103
81 Various Artists 16 Years Of Irish Eurovision (Album) WARWICK WW 5104
81 Various Artists International Festival Of Country Music (Album) WARWICK WW 5105
81 Wout Steenhuis And The Kontikis Hawaiian Paradise (Album) WARWICK WW 5106
81 Harry Secombe & Moira Anderson Golden Memories (Album)  WARWICK WW 5107
81 Various Artists Disco Erotica (Album) WARWICK WW 5108
81 Billie Jo Spears Country Girl (Album) WARWICK WW 5109
81 Brotherhood Of Man 20 Love Songs (Album) WARWICK WW 5110
81 Brotherhood Of Man 20 Disco Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5111
81 Louis Armstrong The Very Best Of Louis Armstrong 20 Golden Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5112
81 Adam Faith 24 Golden Greats (Album) WARWICK WW 5113
82 5th Dimension The Very Best Of 5th Dimension (Album) WARWICK WW 5114
82 Various Artists Jungle Heat (Album) WARWICK WW 5115
82 Chas And Dave Chas 'N' Dave's Christmas Jamboree Bag (Album) WARWICK WW 5116
82 Ray Price Greatest Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5117
82 Moe Bandy Moe Bandy Sings 20 Great Songs Of The American Cowboy (Album) WARWICK WW 5118
82 The Oak Ridge Boys The Very Best Of The Oak Ridge Boys (Album) WARWICK WW 5119
82 Various Artists Country Rock (Album) WARWICK WW 5120
82 Various Artists P.S. I Love You (Album) WARWICK WW 5121
82 Sally Thomsett The Lotte Berk Exercise Class - Get Physical! (Album) WARWICK WW 5122
82 Various Artists The Hit List / The Hit List Special (Album) WARWICK WW 5123
82 Various Artists Hits Of The Screaming Sixties 14 Original No One U.K. Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5124
82 Various Artists Hits Of The Screaming Sixties - 14 Original No. One U.S. Hits (Album) WARWICK WW 5125
82 Bobby Crush The Bobby Crush Incredible Double Decker Party (Album) One WARWICK WW 5126
82 Bobby Crush The Bobby Crush Incredible Double Decker Party (Album) Two WARWICK WW 5127
82 The Barron Knights The Best Of The Barron Knights 27 Sidesplitters (Album) WARWICK WW 5128
82 The Barron Knights The Best Of The Barron Knights 27 Sidesplitters (Album) WARWICK WW 5129
82 The London Philharmonic Orchestra A Classic Case Of Funk (Album) WARWICK WW 5130
83 The English Chorale Sing Golden Gospel (Album) WARWICK WW 5131
83 The English Chorale, Trinity Boys Choir White Christmas (Album) WARWICK WW 5132
83 Roger Webb And His Orchestra Midnight Magic (Album) WARWICK WW 5133
83 The Roger Webb Quartet The Magic Of Cole Porter (Album) WARWICK WW 5134
83 Various Artists Modern Rockers (Album) WARWICK WW 5135
83 The Sleighriders A Very Merry Disco (Album)  WARWICK WW 5136
84 Keel Howard Born Again WARWICK S 5137
84 Bobby Crush The Bobby Crush Singalong Party (Album) WARWICK WW 5138
84 Carl Perkins Rock 'N' Roll Party (Album) WARWICK WW 5139
84 The London Philharmonic Choir Hymns Triumphant (Album) WARWICK WW 5140
84 Various Artists Merry Christmas To You (Album) WARWICK WW 5141
75 Anita Harris The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot / Ave Maria WARWICK XMWW 1000
80 Ken Dodd, Dana It's No Secret (What God Can Do)/When A Child Is Born WARWICK SW 9899
84 Engelbert Humperdinck To All The Girls I've Loved Before WARWICK SW 7001
88 The Celtic Football Team The Celtic Rap - Radio Edit WARWICK CFC 1

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