Warped Records was a DIY label from 1978. There seem to have been at least four Punk-orientated Warped labels around in the late '70s, unless, as is possible, one company used more than one numbering system.  The only release of this particular Warped was the Varicose Veins', 'Incredible' EP (WARP-1 / WARP-2).  The Veins, and of course their label, came from Arlesey in Bedfordshire. Distributed By Warped Records. Varicose Veins was formed in early 1977 by five school mates living in and around a small town called Arlesey in Bedfordshire. The band members were Phil Parfitt, (aka Henry Crank), vocals (later on sax); Alison Pate (aka Alison), lead guitar/backing vocals; Peter Ellison (aka PEL), amped up stylophone (later keyboards)/backing vocals; Wayne Bebb (aka Wayne Shaft) bass guitar; Roger Simpson (aka Stan Stump) drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Varicose Veins Incredible [ Ep ] WARPED WARP 1

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