Something of a mystery.  Warner was responsible for at least one record, an EP by John St. Leger and Stevie Price, 'The John St. Leger Show' (IRS-096). The catalogue number was taken from a series used by the Independent Recording Studio of Gravesend, and the record came out in 1978.  There was a Warner's Holiday Camp on the Isle of Sheppey, which isn't all that far from Gravesend; it is possible that John St. Leger was doing a season at that camp and that the EP was made to be sold to holidaymakers there, but as yet I haven't found any evidence to support that theory.  The material on the record consists of a comedy routine including two mildly risqué songs (with audience reaction dubbed on here and there) followed by two straight ballads.  Any information about the artist, the record or the label would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 John St. Leger And Stevie Price The John St. Leger Show WARNER IRS 096

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