Independent label: Warm Records started out as a vehicle for records by New Wave band The Warm; its first three singles were by that band - 'The Kooler' (WARM-2001; 1976), 'Crazy Daisy Lazy' (WARM-2002; 1977), and 'Floosie' (WARM-2003; 5/78).  A change of catalogue numbers followed with the Fred Banana Combo's, 'No Destination Blues' (AMWR-2004 / PF-9001), which was recorded in Germany by a German Punk band; at this point Plastic Fantastic were doing the marketing with Pye handling distribution.  Two Portuguese brothers, Rui and George De Castro Guimaraes, were prominent members of the band The Warm; presumably it was that Portuguese connection which led to several singles which came out on other labels over here, by artists as diverse as the Dead Kennedys, Spizzenergi and Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets, being released on the Warm label in Portugal in the early '80s.  The same AMWR-2000 series was used for the Portuguese issues; records numbered from AMWR-2008 on seem to have only been issued in Portugal. See also the MHG label, which was intimately involved with Warm.
Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Warm It'S The Kooler WARM WARM 2001
77 Warm Crazy Daisy Lazy WARM WARM 2002
78 Warm Floosie  WARM WARM 2003
78 Fred Banana Combo'S  No Destintion Blues  WARM AMWR 2004
78 Not Traced WARM AMWR 2005
78 Not Traced WARM AMWR 2006
79 Warm 007 (Shanti Town) WARM AMWR 2007
80 Dead Kennedys  Kill The Poor WARM AMWR 2008
81 Tribesman Sunday Morning WARM AMWR 2009
81 Robot Jukebox Band  Sábado À Noite  WARM AMWR 2010
81 Tva You'Ll Walk With Me WARM AMWR 2011
81 Shakin Stevens & The Sunsets*  Jungle Rock / Girl In Red WARM AMWR 2012
81 Dead Kennedys  Too Drunk To Fuck WARM AMWR 2013
81 Spizzenergi  Where'S Captain Kirk?  WARM AMWR 2014
81 The Inversions Mr Mack WARM AMWR 2015
81 Not Traced WARM AMWR 2016
81 Love Gang Featuring Tracey La Chica  WARM AMWR 2017
81 Not Traced WARM AMWR 2018
82 Studioz I Saw Her Standing There WARM AWWR 2019
82 Marc Bolan  You Scare Me To Death  WARM AWWR 2020
82 The Pack Muchas Gracias WARM AWWR 2021
82 Ska-Dows Skas On 45 Medley  WARM AWWR 2022
82 Show-Stoppers '81 The (Disco) Sound Of Music / The Sound Of Rapping  WARM AWWR 2023
82 Sarah Brightman My Boyfriend's Back WARM AWWR 2024
82 Not Traced WARM AWWR 2025
82 Not Traced WARM AWWR 2026
82 Not Traced WARM AWWR 2027
82 Love Gang Señor Sierros  WARM AWWR 2028

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