Independent label: Wanted Records was owned by Dave McAleer and Craig Bagueley. It seems to have come and gone during 1978, managing just three singles in the process.  The Wanted record which sold best was a reissue of the single voted The World's Worst Record by listeners to the Kenny Everett Show, Jimmy Cross's, 'I Want My Baby Back' (CULT 45-101; 3/78), but neither it nor the other two made any impression on the charts.  Two of the records were manufactured by Decca and distributed by Selecta, the Jimmy Cross single was promoted by Rollercoaster.  For some reason two different numerical series were used, CULT 45-000 and CULT 45-100.  'Crazy Paving' by the Billy Karloff Band (CULT 45-001) was also released in the Netherlands (as Wanted WAN-2653 WS) and Spain (as Chapa Discos, H-33.006). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Jimmy Cross I Want My Baby Back WANTED CULT-45 101
78 Billy Karloff Band  Crazy Paving  WANTED CULT-45 001
78 John Rossall But I Do WANTED CULT-45 002

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