Independent label from the New Wave / Post Punk era: Waldo's Records Catalogue numbers suggest that Waldo's issued at least sixteen singles, using one set of numbers (the '000's), a variety of prefixes (HS, PS, DS, SS, etc) and a number of different label designs.  It operated from 1977-82, was owned by Phil and Angie Smee, and run from the spare room at their house in Liverpool Road St. Albans. The house became the headquarters and meeting place of the various groups, where new signings and recording sessions were planned, publicity stunts dreamt up and gigs arranged. The basement was the location for many photo shoots, the living room doubled as a recording studio, and the spare bedroom was the design studio and main office. In 1983 Phil decided to change the record company name - and Bam-Caruso Records was born. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. The Bears got together during the summer of 1977 at Watford Art School - and were Waldos Records' first signing. Their early line-up change, the group comprised: Ron West (bass), George Gill (guitar), John Entrails (singing), Christian Paris (sax) and Martin Callomon (drums). The Tea Set  line-up was Nic Egan (voice), Ron West (guitar), Mark Wilkins (keys), Duncan Stringer (bass) and Cally (drums). Clive Pig Backed by the Hopeful Chinamen: Nick Haeffner (guitar), Gary Hawkins (drums) and originally John Walpole (bass) and Pete Ridley (guitar). Bongo Joe & The Experience was the brainchild of Tea Set Nic Egan, The nucleus of the group was Nic Egan (the voice), Gary Hawkins (jungle rhythm), Nick Haeffner (extraordinary guitar excursions) and Pete Ridley (fat bass). Manic Jabs Line-up was Charlie Dobbs (vocals), Paul Bradbury (guitar), Neil Brimblecombe (bass) and Lawrence Croucher (drums). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Bears On Me WALDO'S  JAZZ SERIES 001
79 Nigel Simpkins  Times Encounter WALDO'S  SWING SERIES 002
78 Tea Set Cups And Saucers [ Ep ] WALDO'S  BEAT SERIES 003
79 Clive Pig And The Hopeful Chinamen Happy Birthday Sweet 16 WALDO'S  CS 004
78 Various Artists Waldo's Trial Offer (Cassette) WALDO'S  DS 005
79 Tea Set  Parry Thomas WALDO'S  PS 006
79 Bodies Art Nouveau WALDO'S  HS 007
79 Hyde Tanya Herr Wunderbar WALDO'S  DS 008
80 Manic Jabs Autophagous WALDO'S  MS 009
80 Pig Clive Adventures Of Benjamin Beat WALDO'S  BS 010
80 Kid Rogers And The Henchmen Getaway WALDO'S  TS 011
81 Bongo Joe  Sympathy For The Devil (Cassette) WALDO'S  PS 012
81 Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen Sailor With A Telescope (Cassette) WALDO'S  TS 013
82 Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen Visions (Cassette) WALDO'S  VS 014
80 The Bodies Subtraction (unreleased) WALDO'S  HS 015
81 Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen How Can I Remember You (unreleased) WALDO'S  DS 016

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