Independent label: Vulcan Records was a Reggae label. In the wake of the collapse of B&C / Trojan ex-Trojan executives Webster Shrowder and Junior Lincoln were to launch a new label, 'Viking Records', and that they had signed a licensing deal with Phonogram.  For some reason there was a change of plans, and the new label was called 'Vulcan' when it appeared; the logo, however, still showed a Viking. Vulcan's link with Phonogram accounts for the injection-moulded form of its singles, which were granted the dignity of a special company sleeve.  Numbering was in a VUL-1000 series, and reached VUL-1013; some of the numbers may not have been used.  The singles were issued during 1975-76.   Lincoln and Shrowder were also responsible for the Grounation label. Distributed By Phonogram Records. Vulcan Records Former address: 49-53 Harrow Road, London W2. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Clarke Johnny  I'M Gonna Put It On  VULCAN VUL 1001
75 Mccook Tommy & Aggrovators  Kojak  VULCAN VUL 1002
75 Campbell Cornell  She Wears My Ring  VULCAN VUL 1003
75 Forrester Sharon  Put-A Little Love Away  VULCAN VUL 1004
75 Cimarrons Tradition VULCAN VUL 1005
75 Kandidate I'M Coming VULCAN VUL 1006
75 Not Issued VULCAN VUL 1007
75 Not Issued VULCAN VUL 1008
76 Miller Jacob Tenement Yard VULCAN VUL 1009
76 Zap Pow Jungle Beat VULCAN VUL 1010
76 Forrester Sharon Here Comes The Son VULCAN VUL 1011
76 Zap Pow Sweet Lovin' Love VULCAN VUL 1012
76 Cimarons Dim The Light VULCAN VUL 1013

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