Void Records was a DIY label from the Punk / New Wave era. It managed one singles an SRT custom pressing SRTS/79/CUS/560. VOID-1 was the Blanks' 'The Northern Ripper', which was released in 1979.  Was there a VOID-2?  The Blanks came from Peterborough, so it seems safe to assume that Void did as well. Distributed By Void Records. The Blanks were from Peterborough and were Neil Singleton (vocals), Andy Jackson (guitar), Allen Adams (bass) and Andy Butler (drums), though they were listed under the pseudonyms of Fats O'Grady, Jah Nimrod, Arthur Mullard and Winston Nkomo on the back sleeve of their only single Great record with a cheap & nasty lo-fi production, the intro to 'The Northern Ripper' features a chilling message taped from a news bulletin which claimed to be the voice of the then still at large Yorkshire Ripper. Allen Adams later played bass in early 80's hardcore band the Destructors, a version of 'The Northern Ripper' can be heard on their 1983 live LP   Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Blanks  The Northern Ripper VOID VOID 1

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