Independent label: Virgin Records was started by Richard Branson, and was the foundation for what was to become the worldwide Virgin empire?  Probably not. To give the barest of facts, Virgin started life in 1970, as a mail-order record business; it soon opened its first shop, in Oxford Street, London; and in 1972 it expanded to include a recording studio and a Roger-Dean-designed record label. Mike Oldfield's, 'Tubular Bells' LP was an immediate (if unlikely) best-seller, and the company never looked back. Musically speaking, Branson had time for the uncommercial and the off-the-wall, artists such as Kevin Coyne, Henry Cow, and Hatfield & The North; his label also managed to do what several other labels had failed to do - provide a home for those bad boys, the Sex Pistols. Branson sold Virgin to EMI in 1992, reportedly to provide funding for other parts of the Virgin group. Virgin used several different labels for its singles during the '70s.  An initial simple white one featuring Dean's 'Two Virgins' was replaced by a slightly more complex blue one in April 1976 at around VS-149; in November of that year, at around VS-166, the virgins were dropped in favour of a 3-d-looking design.  This lated until August 1978, when it in turn was superseded by a simple 'slash plus name' label; the standard one had a green 'A'-side with a red stripe and a red 'B'-side with a green stripe, but other colours, such as white, grey and pink were also used.  Singles were numbered in a VS-100 series.  Unusually, VS-101 was issued after several other VSes had come out, an excerpt from 'Tubular Bells' was released in the USA as a taster for the album without Mike Oldfield's knowledge, and the number VS-101 may have been kept for a possible British release; when eventually Oldfield re-recorded an excerpt for release as a single it was given that number. For the first part of its life Virgin came under the Island Records unbrella, with distribution shared by Island and EMI.  Island had its own pressing plant but it seems to have concentrated upon albums, as the vast majority of Virgin singles appear to be EMI products.  In the Autumn of 1976 CBS took over both distribution and manufacture.  Anchor dealt with marketing from that point, but only briefly. In 1977 the two companies had been talking about setting up a joint sales force, but Virgin struck out on its own from March of that year.  Virgin had a Reggae subsidiary, Front Line. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Skids Charles / Reasons / Test Tube NO BAD NB 1
79 The Records  Starry Eyes  VIRGIN NB 2
79 Spys The Young Ones   VIRGIN NB 3
76 Supercharge Four By Six (EP) VIRGIN VEP 1001
77 Roy St. John  The Roy St. John (EP) VIRGIN VEP 1002
77 Avant Gardener Gotta Turn Back (EP) VIRGIN VEP 1003
77 John Dowie  Another Close Shave (EP) VIRGIN VEP 1004
75 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra With Mike Oldfield Extract From The Orchestral Tubular Bells VIRGIN VDJ 1
75 David Vorhaus An Extract From White Noise 2 VIRGIN VDJ 2
75 Ruan Another Street Gang (12") VIRGIN VDJ 3
75 Archie Legget  Jamaican Jockey (12") VIRGIN VDJ 4
75 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 5
75 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 6
75 Mataya Clifford  Star Fell From Heaven / Pound And Grind (12") VIRGIN VDJ 7
75 Kevin Coyne  Lorna / Let's Have A Party (12") VIRGIN VDJ 8
75 Mike Oldfield  An Extract From Ommadawn (12") VIRGIN VDJ 9
75 David Bedford An Extract From The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - Part Two VIRGIN VDJ 10
75 Supercharge Get Down Boogie  VIRGIN VDJ 11
75 Boxer All The Time In The World (12") VIRGIN VDJ 12
75 U-Roy  Runaway Girl / Chalice In The Palace (12") VIRGIN VDJ 13
75 Mighty Diamonds  Have Mercy (12") VIRGIN VDJ 14
76 Kevin Coyne  Don't Make Waves (12") VIRGIN VDJ 15
76 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 16
76 Tangerine Dream Stratosfear VIRGIN VDJ 17
76 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 18
76 The Revolutionaries  Musical Dub Attack / Shark Dub (12") VIRGIN VDJ 19
77 Can Don't Say No VIRGIN VDJ 20
77 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 21
77 Delroy Washington Give All The Praise To Jah VIRGIN VDJ 22
77 Steve Hillage / Glenn Phillips  Leylines To Glassdom / Lies VIRGIN VDJ 23
77 Sex Pistols Submission VIRGIN VDJ 24
78 Steve Hillage  Getting Better / Palm Trees (Love Guitar) (12") VIRGIN VDJ 25
79 Solid Senders Solid Senders (Album) VIRGIN VDJ 26
79 Devo Flimsy Wrap (Flexi) VIRGIN VDJ 27
79 Fingerprintz Do You Want To Know A Secret VIRGIN VDJ 28
79 The Records  High Heels VIRGIN VDJ 29
79 XTC Chain Of Command VIRGIN VDJ 30
80 John Foxx  Underpass (12") VIRGIN VDJ 31
80 Gillan Glory Road / For Gillan Fans Only (Album) VIRGIN VDJ 32
80 The Skids The Absolute Game (Album)  VIRGIN VDJ 33
80 Gary Moore  Rockin' Every Night / Back On The Streets / Parisienne Walkways VIRGIN VDJ 34
80 Not Traced   VIRGIN VDJ 35
80 Gillan For Gillan Fans Only (12") VIRGIN VDJ 36
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 37
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 38
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 39
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 40
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 41
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 42
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 43
80 Not Traced VIRGIN VDJ 44
83 John Foxx Like A Miracle VIRGIN VDJ 45
77 Various Artists Presented Free By Record Mirror VIRGIN No Cat Number

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